Leadership at ALARD

Dr. L. R. Yadav

( B.Sc., B.E., M.B.A., P.G.D.M., Ph.D.)



ALARD College of Pharmacy is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University &approved by the Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi, and DTE, Mumbai.

From being a part of agriculture family in a small village of Aghaw district Deoria (U.P) has never affected my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. My vision was always cleared of contributing a huge in the field of education and academics. After my schooling education, I shifted to Pune for higher education and then joined hands in my family business which was since1968 and expanded the ALARD Group.

It was 1988, when I laid the foundation of ALARD Industries Ltd. and set up the manufacturing unit for machinery for sugar, cement and power plants. Impressively, the company has executed a lot of prestigious projects in Sugar Industries, Chemical Industries, Power Generation Plants, etc.

The zest of building a better nation uplifted me to establish reputed education Institutes in Pune which is focused on professional and higher education in engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Law, Medical Education, and Schools.

Being The Founder Chairman and Managing Trustee of ALARD, it’s my responsibility to provide the best education to my students. ALARD has achieved a lot yet we need to continue to take a bigger leap.

Dr. R. S. Yadav

(Secretary, ALARD Charitable Trust)

“Success stories of all prominent personalities have a common factor, that they always thought of “out of the box solution” for any given problem, they always questioned, they analyzed issues with open mind and rather than blindly following, they always applied logic. Today, the world is dominated by technologically advanced countries, size and population doesn’t matter much. Japan, Korea & Israel are good examples of smaller but powerful countries armed with technology. United States of America is undoubtedly, the most powerful and technologically advanced country. Let’s examine, how it reached to such epitome of success. Definitely it didn’t happen overnight. The most important factor was it being a

democratic country, having freedom of expression, not being orthodox or conservative but most importantly encouraging creativity, welcoming & accepting talents from all over the world. The United States spends tremendous amount of money on research knowing full well that there is going to be a long congestion period before any fruitful result will come. The researchers are provided ample funds, infrastructure, conducive working environment and all the necessary facilities so that they come up with brilliant ideas which after research lead to innovation/invention of great utility to the world. The result is that countries not encouraging creativity – research– innovation; approach US with begging bowl. What US does that when their present innovation is on the verge of becoming obsolete , it sells of the same at a heavy price because by that time it is armed with yet another innovation for which research was undertaken some time back during the perceived life of the present equipment.

Moral of the story is that, if we are dreaming to be the world’s super power in near future; we will have to encourage and promote creativity at a very young age, which will lead to research and innovation as well as invention. Moreover, besides Govt., private funding would also be essential to promote research. Hence the Corporate as their so``cial responsibility must invest some part of their profit into research which ultimately will benefit them along with benefiting the Society.”

Mr. Vinay LR Yadav

Trustee Director, Joint Secretary, Caretaker, Campus Director

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